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Shareholders - Board of Directors

James K. Laducer (Stockholder / Board of Director / Chief Lending Officer)
Jim is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Tribe. For the past 10-years, he has managed his information technology company, Laducer & Associates, which employs over 300 people. Laducer provides data entry services to the IRS, Reed Technology & Information Services, and U.S. Fish & Wildlife. More recently, Jim started a home-builder construction company, and purchased the Apple Creek Country Club in Bismarck. Jim has many years of experience preparing financial packages for tribal entities and other small business owners. He has been recognized by various agencies for his support and commitment to economic development projects in the State of North Dakota.

Kenneth L. Davis (Stockholder / Board of Director – Chairman)
Ken was born, raised, educated and currently resides in Belcourt, ND. He is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Tribe, and currently operates one of the most successful businesses on the reservation, LaDots, Inc. Ken has served on numerous boards in the community and has earned various business and community awards, Ken was appointed to the Renewal Community Committee in 2001, and was instrumental in securing funding to staff the center, as well as working with the tribe to pass a Universal Commercial Code.

Phyllis A. Jollie (Stockholder / Board of Director)
For nearly 30-years, Phyllis has been an accomplished business owner, operating a successful business critical to the community of Belcourt—Jollie’s Supermarket. Phyllis is also very active in the community and serves on many boards. She was instrumental in the development of “Pathways to Prosperity”, which is a poverty reduction strategy of the Turtle Mountain Tribe. More recently, Phyllis was appointed to Chair the committee. She is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Tribe.

Gerald P. Willer (Stockholder / Board of Director)
Jerry is currently Chairman of the Board, CEO and President of Kirkwood Bank & Trust Co., Bismarck, ND. Kirkwood Bank is a $130 million bank with 4 offices and 50 employees that has grown steadily in the past 20-years under Jerry’s direct leadership. Jerry’s expertise in over 30-years of banking includes all areas of bank operations, lending and management. His heavy involvement in the banking industry includes currently serving as Chairman of the Board for the 504 Community Development Corporation, which is a statewide lending program.

Garland Wiedrich (Board of Director / CEO & President)